The Dos and Don’ts of Loading Your Lancaster, PA, Rental Dumpster Safely and Efficiently

Dumpster rental is one of the most efficient waste removal options for renovation and remodeling projects. It’s also a great way of emptying your attic or basement. You can also opt for a dumpster rental if you are planning a yard project.

  • The Dos of Loading a Dumpster

Most people rarely use these services, so they might not be familiar with the standard best practices of loading their rented dumpster. Here are a few guidelines on how you should go about it.

  • Deal with All the Heavy Items First

You should always place the heaviest and largest items first into the dumpster. This will make room for the lighter stuff that you can add around them to increase stability. This will help ensure the load would be less likely to shift around once the dumpster is on the move. 

  • Break Things Down if You Can 

It’s a good idea to break items down until they are as small as possible. This goes for concrete chips, foam, drywall, and other items discarded during the remodeling process. Always remember the smaller the items, the more trash will be accommodated, which means greater value for money. 

You can, for instance, decrease the size of your cabinet and other furniture by removing their screws and dissembling them down to their constituent components. This way, you'll substantially reduce the overall size of even very large items. 

  • Fill in All the Gaps

Every object placed in the dumpster will have its very own unique shape and size. Due to the large variety of objects, maximizing space in your rented dumpster may feel like building a large jigsaw puzzle. A simple rule of thumb is to fill in all the large and small gaps as you go about filling the dumpster. 

The temptation of dumping everything inside the dumpster may be very high, especially while working on a major renovation project. However, you should take some time out to organize your trash so you can maximize the potential of your dumpster. You can start by taking the flatter items, and placing them at the bottom, and working your way upward from there.

  • The Don'ts of Filling Your Dumpster

Many people make mistakes while filling their dumpsters. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Don’t Overload the Dumpster

Always make sure that you don’t go over the rim of the dumpster. Overloaded dumpsters can cause serious disposal issues. Your dumpster rental company won’t be able to move a dumpster overloaded beyond its capacity. Ideally, if you fill it with heavy stuff such as concrete blocks, asphalt, and cement, make sure you remain 12 inches below the rim. 

  • Don’t Violate the Law

Many cities have their own codes and rules. Generally speaking, it’s prohibited to dispose of toxic chemicals, highly flammable liquids, and poisonous substances in a dumpster. 

If you are looking for a Lancaster, PA, dumpster rental, look no further than Dumpster on Demand PA. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple remodeling or even a massive renovation project. We have you covered!

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